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No Brushes, No Cloth, No Friction

At Millcreek Touchless Car Wash, we are proud to be the state of the art touch-free tunnel on South of Edmonton. We are the most technologically advanced, touchless car wash tunnel. This innovative and high-tech best automatic car wash system provides you with a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle in minutes. Touch-free washing refers to a cleaning process in which nothing touches your car except *Soap Water* only at Millcreek Touchless Car Wash, you find "state of the art" touchless equipment to safely and gently clean your car. Our dedicated staff of employees want to see you happy!

Environmentally Friendly

Millcreek car wash offers a far superior car wash in Edmonton that protects and preserves your vehicle’s value by using only using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are specially formulated for Edmonton’s tough weather conditions.


Advanced Technology

Millcreek car wash uses Pumps and pressure HOTSHOT car wash equipment. The HOTSHOT car wash systems are designed and manufactured in Western Canada and are designed with the Canadian environment and climate in mind. Our car wash systems will effortlessly remove sleet, grime, snow, built-up dust and dirt from any vehicle in both sizzling western Canadian summers and freezing western Canada winters. The HOTSHOT car wash will leave cars and trucks looking spotless and ready to re-tackle the road.

Car Wash Features

  • Stainless Steel Frame Assemblies
  • Stainless Steel Pump-body
  • Lightweight Carriage
  • CAT 3535 triplex Pump 35GPM @ 1100psi
  • Manifolded Pulsation Dampener
  • High-Pressure Undercarriage Valves
  • Sta-Rite HPS Booster Pumps
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Chemical Injection
  • Dual Arms
  • Turbo Nozzles
  • Spot Free (RO) Pump
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Two Stage Pre-Soak
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Innovative and high-tech automatic car wash system


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